Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Product Reviews by Our Customers

Do you own any Nattra Cosmetics Product? Do you need more proof that our products are one of the best in the Nigerian market? See for yourself what customers and makeup artists are saying about our products. Click the links to visit the actual blog pages.
The Nattra TV Touch concealer is so creamy and has amazing coverage. I've only used 2 products that are so creamy and they are Khuraira concealer and LA Girl HD Concealer and now I have a new baby!!!----By Belleza Faces
The Nattra lip-gloss is so pigmented and lasts all day. I love the hot pink color I received and I've been wearing this color since i got it (is that weird??)----By Belleza Faces

The Nattra lip pencil in Tango reminds me of Zaron lip pencil in Fussy Fuchsia (which BTW I love terribly). Its a rich Fuchsia color that can even be used all over the lips as  lip color and top with clear gloss. The best part of this product for me, is that I can use with Nattra lipgloss in Diana.---             By Belleza Faces

I'm not big fan of the conical wand that come with some mascaras, but with this product, I focused on the mascara itself by using a disposable mascara wand, and the result was amazing!!! I should definitely not give on mascaras because of their wands.---By Belleza Faces
These are top on ma list of FAV babies , they are Nattra products *NATTRA JET BLACK WATERPROOF MASCARA, is a must have , it lengthens the lashes and thickens it giving the lash an awesome volume, plus it super water proof, doesn't run even with water or a teary eye, you'll have to use a facial wipe or eye makeup remover to get it out,,,,,which makes it super cool for pips like me who likes a well volumnized lash  , ladies ,trust me, you need this baby in your life.....By Nabijaworld

*NATTRA EYE SHADOW PRIMER: Oh!!! mine!! this babie, mmmm I lovvvee!!! @ first sight it was love for me, as at the time I got this baby for me was in need of an eye brow highlighter, and knew it will fit in just fine cause of the color and texture, and the result?? exactly what I expected ,this primer doubles as an eyeshadow primer and highlighter, it worked perfectly for me I got hooked #LOL#  I couldn't do without it, in less than a month I had dug a large hole in the middle #ROTFL# COVERING MA FACE# YELS KE # that's what love is all about .....service!!!! my Nattra eye shadow primer served me too should try it out...winky....By Nabijaworld
 Nattra Make-up setting gel works wonders for my OILY nose.....By Olakunmioni

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nattra Lip pencil in Shade: Poppy

Dare to add a pop of color to your look with Nattra Lip Pencil in shade Poppy. It goes on effortlessly and lasts all day. Use alone for a matte look or wear under the lipstick.

Price- N1280

Monday, September 30, 2013

Independence Day Sale!!!

Happy Independence Day to all Nigerians. To celebrate this day and in fact this week with you, we are offering a 20% sale off all distributor packages and individual purchases from NOW, October 1st till this FRIDAY, October 4th. Don't miss it.

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nattra Face Primer

A face primer is an essential part of your makeup routine. Nattra face primer is a transparent gel which gives you a smooth base for foundation and powder to blend easily evens out your skintone. It also helps your makeup last longer and control shine.

How to use:
  • Cleanse your face with a facial cleanser, rinse and pat dry with a towel.
  • Apply your moisturizer or face cream and allow your face few seconds to dry.
  • Squeeze a pea-sized amount of primer onto your finger tip.
  • Dab and blend over your entire face with your finger tips.
  • Now you're ready to apply foundation and/or powder. 
Note: do not use a disposable sponge to apply the primer, most of the product will only stick to the sponge. Ensure your hands are clean.

Price: N2880

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Saturday, September 28, 2013


Welcome to Nattra Cosmetics Blog where you can learn more about us and our products. We will be giving you regular updates on our products, how best to use our products, tips and tricks and subjects relating to makeup and the beauty industry. Please see a little background about us below. Thanks for stopping by.

Nattra Cosmetics is a new cosmetics line created to  cater for the cosmetics industry in West Africa. The industry is a growing industry and we're here to contribute to the growth and take the beauty industry to a greater height. Our line is tailored to serve women of color with varying skin tones. Our products include face primer, foundation, concealer, pressed powder, eye shadow, lipstick, lip-gloss, eye liner, lip liner, makeup saver setting mist etc.

Our mission is to empower women of all ages and bring beauty to its peak. We strive to educate women about the importance of beauty and how it contributes to high self esteem. Ultimately our goal is to provide high quality and affordable color cosmetics.

Our products are now available in Nigeria. Please visit our website for more information